Who Are We?

We are a young team of retailers from germany who started with an idea. We want to provide our YOU with beautiful Deluxe Wrist Watches on BEST PRICE.

You don't have to pay a ton of money to have a good quality watch on your wrist - thats what we want to show you. So we welcome you to Bitwatch, because everyone should have a nice watch, as a timepiece but also as accessory. 

No matter if you wear your watch at a wedding or at work, we have affordable luxury watches for everyone.


We Love Bitcoin

There are a lot of stores out there, but we are one of the few online stores that accepts bitcoin payment. And we keep it with Bitcoin only.

Why did we make this decision?

Bitcoin is encrypted and secure. And not normally secured. Bitcoin is encrypted and secured using a special system called blockchain. For blockchain, volunteers - many of them - are used to work together to encrypt the transactions in the Bitcoin system. This ensures that all personal information is protected from being spied on by third parties and that there is nothing valuable to steal, even if hackers should get into the system.

“Wait, that doesn't sound more secure” you might think, but by “public” we mean that all transactions are transparent and available to the public, even if the people involved are anonymous. This means that nobody can trick, cheat or otherwise fool the system. 

Bitcoin has servers all over the world and over ten thousand nodes that keep track of all transactions in the system. And that's important because it means that if something happens to one of the servers or nodes, the others can step in. It also means that trying to hack one of the servers is pointless: you won't be stealing anything that the other nodes and servers cannot prevent unless you happen to be controlling 51% of the nodes. A not impossible, but very unlikely situation.

If you have made it this far, we thank you for your attention and wish you a lot of fun with our products!