on the image is the chinese dragon watch with a carved gold plated dragon on shiny white background, gold framed round case and large golden luminous hands and digits. the wrist band is silver golden
on the image is a rich designed wrist watch for men with silver and golden wrist band golden framed round case with white background and golden digits and large luminous hands on it with a carved gold plated chinese dragon surrounded by 7 crystals
on the image is a man in a black suit and white shirt with the chinese dragon watch, with golden framed case and silver and golden wrist band

Chinese Dragon Gold Plated Automatic Watch

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A Cultural Masterpiece On Your Wrist

In China it's said "The Nature of a gentleman is hidden in the world, not loud and unassuming." One of the symbol representing the men's nature is the Dragon. 

Historically the Chinese Dragon stands for wealth, but especially for fortune, for goodness and intelligence. That's what many people are searching for and wearing symbols to better find it. 

One of the prettiest symbols and a true masterpiece of craftsmanship is this automatic gentlemen's watch. 

The noble silver and golden bracelet hold a golden framed watch case with clear white background and large golden luminous hands and digits. The gold plated dragon symbol is carefully carved surrounded by seven crystals. 

The whole watch is made of robust stainless steel, completely shockproof and covered by a mineral strengthened glass mirror which is scratch resistant. Take your watch out to swim and even to dive since it waterproof up to 50m. 

The clear and elegant contours and the super flat case make it a durable and reliable accessory for gentlemen with high standards. 


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  • Automatic Mechanical Movement 
  • Case and Wristband made of Stainless Steel 
  • Shock Resistant and Waterproof (50m)
  • Gold Plated Dragon Carving 
  • 7 Chrystals on the Display 
  • Calendar and Week Display with Auto Date
  • Luminous Hands
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